Thursday, September 26, 2013

My three top priorities for the pirate party movement

Reform of:

Intellectual property


Taxes and benefits

Intellectual property is at the heart of today's knowledge economy, and it is fundamentally different from normal goods and services. The manufacturer of a car or of a book has costs for an extra copy.This is not the case for intellectual property such as scientific articles in journals, yet many of my articles are now behind a paywall with Elsevier charging heavily for each article viewing. Intellectual property is not really property, it cannot be stolen like a car. It is more like a tax that the licence holder may charge for a limited period to ensure that the intellectual work required gets done and rewarded. This is actually quite an important distinction, as it shifts the emphasis from protecting property rights to ensuring value is created.

Taxes and benefits are so complex today that they hide the true tax rates of the 99%. They are also contradictory in their incentive effects. On this I have written a lot already in this blog.

Lobbyism and the influence of vested interests (in particular top earners) is I think the root cause for this state of affairs that capitalism rhetoric notwithstanding has more to do with rent seeking than with economic efficiency. I see a reform of democracy as critical and the idea I find most promissing is a truely representative chamber, one drawn by lot. Their members would not be beholden to lobbyists and would not need to fight elections. They would have the time to sift the evidence presented by experts carefully being paid well to do this full time, and unlike ordinary voters they would be few enough in numbers that every one of them would know that their vote actually might make a real difference.


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Hi Heiko,maybe you are interested in the work of Bouricius and Gastil en Richards

and we are working on this issue also in . We are in contact with David Van Reybroeck (amongst others) and he also promotes sortition in his book, recently translated in French (contre les élections) .